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Firefighter Code - Fire Service Entrance Exam

You and I know that the fire service exam is a pass or fail proposition. Pass the test and you’re on your way to the next phase of the hiring process, usually the oral board interview. Fail the test and you’re back to filing applications. Maybe you’ve already been invited to take the entrance exam, that’s great! Chances are, if you’re like most applicants, you’re looking for a wide scope of information that will allow you to score as highly as possible.

In this free video you will learn....

  • Present Your Papers Please!
  • Time Trials
  • The Drop Stop Essay
  • Diabolical Deductive Reasoning

You’ve landed yourself in the right place, I’ll tell you why I say that. My name is Chief Jeffrey Rolfe.
I’ve aggregated the knowledge of over 30 years of the l fire service  hiring process and have produced an all-inclusive and complete roadmap that’s designed for only one purpose, to assist you in passing your fire service entrance exam, and to do it with the highest score possible.

Most candidates believe that showing up for their fire service entrance exam with a sharpened number two pencil and some scratch paper is “preparation.” It’s not, that’s called blind faith.
This is where you now separate yourself from the masses. Very few, if any candidates know the Four Fundamentals of the fire service Exam. If the department you test for employs one or more of the tricks used to get rid of applicants, it’s likely you’ll be the ONLY candidate that’s prepared.

Your motivation to take the test is to become a firefighter. The department’s motivation to offer the test is to get rid of you. Sounds odd, but I’ll put it in perspective for you. We, the testers, know that everyone and his brother wants to be a firefighter. We need to shake the tree so the bad fruit falls to the ground, and you’re the fruit and if you’re not prepared for the shake, you’ll fall… Not anymore, not with Firefighter Code. 

I’m going to share with you, information that, if you weren’t on the inside of hiring process, you’d have no way of knowing, until now, because as you sit here watching this video, the insider is going to share with you the Four Fundamentals of the fire service Exam. The tricks we use to shake out the ill prepared…


Firefighter Code - Fire Service Oral Board

The fire service is one of the most difficult professions to enter, and there’s a reason for that.  It’s also one of the most honorable and self-sacrificing careers a person can have.  For that reason, the competition is extremely tight.  That’s true for paid, and volunteer positions alike.  My name is Chief Jeff Rolfe.  I’ve been employed in the fire service for a total of 34 years and just retired after spending the last 21 years of my career as a fire chief.

You’re here because you’re interested in learning more about the hiring process, and more likely, to collect information about the firefighter oral board interview.  You may have an oral board scheduled, or you may be preparing yourself in advance.  In either event, I want to commend you for doing what most applicants don’t, and that’s, prepare for the interview.

Fire Fighter Code is host to more than 125 videos, the majority of which teach you exactly how to answer the most intimidating questions, along with those, nearly impossible questions to answer, the scenario questions.  But for now, I’d like to start out with the basics.

There’s one question that nearly every candidate will get during their interview, whether it’s an oral board or one-on-one interview.  You probably know what that question is, and my guess is, if you’re like 99% of all candidates, you have a strong idea of how you’ll answer it.  The question is, “Tell us about yourself.” 

The overwhelming majority of fire service applicants absolutely BOMB the answer to this monumentally important question.  When I say they bomb it, I mean the REALLY blow it.  Oddly, most people think they did a pretty good job answering that very first, tone setting question, but they don’t.  I’d like you to do what nobody does in an interview for this position.  I want you to land THE PERFECT answer, and there is only ONE, perfect answer.

I’ll give you this all important slam dunk answer now, and tomorrow, I’d like to email you the all important “Why Do You Want to Be a Firefighter” question and answer.  But first, watch me answer the question, “Tell Us About Yourself.”